Looking for outdoor maternity shoot? Battersea Park in London is lush

I love Battersea park and I love visiting it in the summer. It's green and lush and has shaded areas where you can also cool down away from the heat. We set to do a maternity shoot with this lovely lady, at Battersea Park looking for the beautiful surroundings as a natural background. Although quite close to the term, this energetic 'mum-to-be' was happy to

Natural light photography tips

Let me put it out there, I am no definite expert but I have learnt a few things from being around and meeting with professional photographers. Here are some quick tips on how to make the most of natural light in a 'home' or 'outdoors' environment when taking photos of your children or other people. I started taking photographs nearly 15 years ago, initially of

Our wonderful balloon adventure in Paris, for families with children but not only

Visiting Paris is a memorable experience, right? Having done it with just my husband (when there was just us two) and having previously lived in Paris for seven years in my student years, doing it with a toddler in tow and pregnant was a (totally crazy) different experience. Only joking, it was still wonderful, and not more stressful because, hold tight, we didn't cram in too much

Experimenting with the light – friends modelling for me

I have been continuing to experiment on the same topic as in my previous photographic assignment - playing with different types of light and directions. To make it a bit more interesting and predictable (as opposed to using toddlers who never stay still) I have been asking friends to be my models. My friend Lira accepted to pose for me after we went to see

The Easter egg hunt – was my photography assignment achieved?

In between doing my work and looking after my family, I have been taking a few lessons from an amazing photographer - Georgina Cranston. I stumbled upon her work after watching on the Guardian website a video she had produced, that tells the story of a homeless woman - Lucy's story.    At the last lesson we talked about light, the different types of light and directions

Clapham photo club meets for the first time with Charlie Round-Turner photographer

Here is a link to a note that Charlie shared with us. It gives some easy to grasp descriptions of aperture, shutter speed, ISO; the range of different types of lenses from wide lenses to standard and telephoto ones; a little exercise to try different apertures and shutter speeds to get the same effect; short advice on light directions and finally the rule of thumb

Photography visit of Brixton Market

Brixton has always been attractive for many reasons, the market, musical venues (Brixton Academy), its history, the blend of different cultures and the way it has changed. For me it is a place with a lot of interest but also somewhere I walk to every day after dropping the little one off in the morning. I catch the tube in Brixton station and I have

My second journey into photography – what did I learn?

This time around I was ready to really understand the basics of photography: depth of field, shutter speed, aperture etc.  What I needed was someone talking me through the different elements of photography and I had more realistic expectations than those during my first journey (see previous post). I wasn’t going to be the photographer I may have dreamt about in my younger years.  

My first journey into photography

I recently started a photography course, Encouraged by a friend, but also following an earlier passion of mine. I had always wanted to be good at taking pictures and perhaps a few many times I had lived in the dream of being a photographer. This is when I was a student in Paris studying Economics which I used to find boring and un-interesting. Contrary to

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