Humans of Tirana seen through the lens of an insider-outsider

This is the start of a series that I would love to continue as an ongoing project. Through this project, I want to document "who is today part of the capital of Albania, Tirana, what are their dreams and aspirations and how things have changed in the past fifteen years". When I first thought about starting this project, I wanted to focus on those that

How did communist Albania help preserve neighbouring Corfu? An interesting fact

The reason for this area of Corfu remaining unspoilt to this day, as we discovered, is its proximity to communist Albania.   Boat entering Agios Stephanos bay, opposite Albanian coastline While holidaying in the North-Eastern part of Corfu, in the area of Agios Stephanos, we discovered a very interesting fact about Albania and Corfu. Albania is geographically very close to the

Holiday plans: where to relax on the Albanian riviera, Drimadhes beach bar

If you have never been to Albania think again. It is an 'awakening sleeping beauty' (Lonely Planet words) that has everything to impress, beautiful secluded beaches with crystal blue waters, dramatic landscapes with high peak mountain raising up behind beaches, rich culture and old history and great food at amazing prices. While British and other European tourists continue to be chartered to neighbouring Corfu, Albania's

Childhood moments in bright sunshine

We all have vivid memories from childhood which although lack in detail, bring back memories of happiness and love. Such memories are unique events that will not be repeated and come from a time gone by. For me memories of childhood are often bathed in bright sunshine, warmth and a feeling of security. Being a child is such special time in a lifetime, where you

15th century Albanian church in Kepi i Rodonit

This is the church of Shen Ndreu (St Antony) in a beautiful, unspoilt part of Albania on the West Coast on the Adriatic Sea. The area is called Kepi i Rodonit, and it is on the Rodoni bay, north of Durres, one of the biggest cities of Albania. The church is from the 15th century and because it was given prominence during the reign of Skenderbeg,

Family of sheep in Palase, little village South of Albania

I like these three little animal faces looking at you. One afternoon in Palase we had bad weather that's why the grey sky which is normally blue and bright. The shephard a friend in the village, is very warm and chatty. He looks after a good number of sheep, moving them around, up and down the village and onto the mountain pastures. We have been

Delicious Albanian dishes from amazing Mrizi i Zanave

Three beautiful and delicious dishes from Mrizi i Zanave restaurant, in the village of Fishte, near the city of Shkodra in Albania. The village is also known from Gjergj Fishta, who wrote a collection of poems "Mrizi i Zanave" although his masterpiece that gave him the title of national poet, is the national Albanian epic "The highland lute", first published as a whole in 1937

Sun beds bathing in the golden light in the South of Albania

Day 13 - another image from Nikki beach, on Drimadhes bay, south of Albania. Not far from here there is a lovely bar, which used to be called Dar Bar, but now has a different name which always plays lovely chilled music. I will soon publish an article about the bar, it's music and people that work there, as they are very interesting characters and

Storm approaching on the sea, South of Albania

Day 12 photo - the storm approaching on the beach in Drimadhes bay, south of Albania. We had this weather at the end of our stay in Palase, South of Albania. We stayed on the beach till the very last moment, just before the rain came down. My mother even went for a swim as the water was warm. I love the strong colours of

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