Bump and baby package, in Clapham – sneak preview

I have absolutely loved working with this beautiful lady who was expecting her first baby in June this year. We had the most amazing maternity shoot in one of the parks in our area, in Clapham Common and the weather was great. We had sunshine but also some clouds, just enough to make the skies interesting. Her husband also joined us later in the session

Humans of Tirana seen through the lens of an insider-outsider

This is the start of a series that I would love to continue as an ongoing project. Through this project, I want to document "who is today part of the capital of Albania, Tirana, what are their dreams and aspirations and how things have changed in the past fifteen years". When I first thought about starting this project, I wanted to focus on those that

An interview with Clapham photographer and videographer, Charlie Round Turner – working on the exciting Battersea Power Station project

I first met Charlie five years ago, when he very kindly agreed to meet me and a few other mums to talk and practice photography and learn along the way. A number of us found his advice very useful and it ranged from camera settings, to suggestions about camera and lenses and how to understand and work with natural light. Charlie operates from his Clapham

Looking for outdoor maternity shoot? Battersea Park in London is lush

I love Battersea park and I love visiting it in the summer. It's green and lush and has shaded areas where you can also cool down away from the heat. We set to do a maternity shoot with this lovely lady, at Battersea Park looking for the beautiful surroundings as a natural background. Although quite close to the term, this energetic 'mum-to-be' was happy to

My positive birth story and how it changed me

I am a big advocate of positive birth experiences and that includes anything that is positive for the woman in the way she has given birth and in the way she has felt about it. Our experiences are what we make of them. Like anything in life you get what you put in and I am also a big advocate of actually 'working' on making

Albanian traditional costumes in London

A little photo is up on the blog dedicated to my 'Albanian culture and traditions'. These girls are wearing Albanian traditional costumes which are very pretty and with vivid colours. The Albanian community in London is very organised and there are many groups that organise events regularly, networking events, community days, fundraisers etc. The main groups are Shpresa Programme, Ardhmeria, Nene Tereza, UK Albanian

Natural light photography tips

Let me put it out there, I am no definite expert but I have learnt a few things from being around and meeting with professional photographers. Here are some quick tips on how to make the most of natural light in a 'home' or 'outdoors' environment when taking photos of your children or other people. I started taking photographs nearly 15 years ago, initially of

Our wonderful balloon adventure in Paris, for families with children but not only

Visiting Paris is a memorable experience, right? Having done it with just my husband (when there was just us two) and having previously lived in Paris for seven years in my student years, doing it with a toddler in tow and pregnant was a (totally crazy) different experience. Only joking, it was still wonderful, and not more stressful because, hold tight, we didn't cram in too much

Spring giveaway, refresh your profile with a free profile photo

Are you looking to refresh your profile picture on Facebook or LinkedIn? Is it time for a new image on your blog? Using a professional photo for your profile, does help make you stand out from the crowd, win new work and adds a professional factor. It has a ‘feel-good’ factor too. If that is you and you want to impress your followers with a

Assisting a photography session – Carlotta Cardana’s Mod couples project

For lack of time to write new posts but also as an opportunity to share some of my older posts, I am re-bloging this post about my experience as photography assistant, which i did once with an italian photographer working on a series of photos with Mod couples. I found that I learnt a lot during that session not only about photography but a particular

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