Our wonderful balloon adventure in Paris, for families with children but not only

Visiting Paris is a memorable experience, right? Having done it with just my husband (when there was just us two) and having previously lived in Paris for seven years in my student years, doing it with a toddler in tow and pregnant was a (totally crazy) different experience. Only joking, it was still wonderful, and not more stressful because, hold tight, we didn't cram in too much

Our memorable family holiday in the Ardeche region, south of France

This is the reworked and final draft of my 'travel feature' assignment - I shared an earlier version of it here on the blog and after I received some comments (by email, a great benefit of sharing your work) I have reviewed it below._______________________________________________________________________ For the adventurous family who likes to design their holiday and enjoys driving, France is an excellent destination offering countless possibilities.After

Holiday plans: where to relax on the Albanian riviera, Drimadhes beach bar

If you have never been to Albania think again. It is an 'awakening sleeping beauty' (Lonely Planet words) that has everything to impress, beautiful secluded beaches with crystal blue waters, dramatic landscapes with high peak mountain raising up behind beaches, rich culture and old history and great food at amazing prices. While British and other European tourists continue to be chartered to neighbouring Corfu, Albania's

View of roof-tops from Tate St Ives

IMG_9151, a photo by laura shimili on Flickr. It is St Ives, Cornwall featured again in day 26 photo. Or rather the roof tops of St Ives seen from the cafe of Tate St Ives, which is part of Tate galleries. I like the different forms and shapes in the image and the very fine line of the background still showing detail of the sea,

Playing time by the beach in St Ives, Cornwall

A fantastic day in St Ives, Cornwall, south west of England for locals and visitors. It was such a warm and bright day that everyone was outside, waking on the beach or along the promenade or sitting in cafes outside. The town of St Ives is vey pittoresque and attracts many visitors. There is a long tradition of painting and lots of galleries and art

Four people and two bikes by the beach in Coney Island, New York

Four people and two bikes by the beach, a photo by laura shimili on Flickr. Memories from New York, Coney Island. I don't think these four people have anything to do with the two bikes, but I like how they are next to each other in this image. It looks as if people and objects are enjoying a moment of peace by the sea. Day

15th century Albanian church in Kepi i Rodonit

This is the church of Shen Ndreu (St Antony) in a beautiful, unspoilt part of Albania on the West Coast on the Adriatic Sea. The area is called Kepi i Rodonit, and it is on the Rodoni bay, north of Durres, one of the biggest cities of Albania. The church is from the 15th century and because it was given prominence during the reign of Skenderbeg,

Enjoying the sunshine in New York’s high line

The man in the photo below is lying on a bench in the High Line in New York, a disused train line track which has been converted into a very pleasant 'promenade' that has become famous as an urban innovation and a destination for tourists and locals. People visiting New York from all around the world have the High Line on their top visiting places. For

A different view of St Ives Cornwall

Here is an alley and not a room with a view over the sea in St Ives, Cornwall. I like this image as its quite simple, it is framed by walls on both sides and the sky and the alley in the other two. The colour of they sea is peaceful and the view of a ship in the middle invites one on dreams of

Delicious Albanian dishes from amazing Mrizi i Zanave

Three beautiful and delicious dishes from Mrizi i Zanave restaurant, in the village of Fishte, near the city of Shkodra in Albania. The village is also known from Gjergj Fishta, who wrote a collection of poems "Mrizi i Zanave" although his masterpiece that gave him the title of national poet, is the national Albanian epic "The highland lute", first published as a whole in 1937

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