Multitasking, is that really such a good ‘skill’ to have?

Everyone today talks about the need to multitask, and the fact that in particular women are naturally good 'multi-taskers’. Some common combinations of numerous tasks: 1. Washing the dishes while supervising children’s dinner and cooking the meal for next day (yes I have done that in the past, with what I have called ‘tremendous speed’) 2. Taping on our smart phones while walking down the street

A snapshot with words: chimney covered in red

The weekly writing challenge: snapshots  has invited bloggers to describe with words something we have seen that has impressed us, instead of snap! Taking a photo.  For this one, what I saw was an image of an old factory turned into hospital covered in the red light at sunset. Even if I had my camera with me and had tried taking a picture the image wouldn't

Squatting is freedom (or is it not) ? The view of a Big Issue seller

How I have known José, a Big Issue seller with a great sens of humour. The Big Issue is an important institution in the UK. It is a great magazine but also a great social enterprise that many places should adopt. By selling the Big Issue magazine homeless people can earn money which helps them get off the streets. For some it is a temporary

Behind the towers of Canary Wharf – some photos and observations

Some photos from one of the most emblematic areas in London - Canary Wharf - a centre of international finance and an 'island' of skyscrapers in amongst more 'down-to-earth' local communities. And some observations. I was really excited to go to Canning Town for a work related event. It was the launch of IPPR's - an influential think tank - programme of work and a keynote speech from

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