Why I love children’s birthday parties?

Since having children this has become an area where I feel my expertise is growing year after year. Although it can be tiring and stressful I enjoy the excitement in the build up to the party and the immense gratification when it is over. Phew, we don’t have to do this for another year!!!

But there are some really good things about children’s parties. I am not talking about the money you spend on them, neither the most impressive act you organise. My birthday parties are simple, in a venue or at home, with some music, entertainment and cake. And some crazy, excited kids. And they are the real stars of the show.

This is what I love about them.

1. You meet parents of the children, your child keeps talking about often

2. You compare notes with other parents (not that you need to..)

3. You gain new skills. I was the entertainer at my son’s latest birthday party with about 18 loud and screeching kids. I realised that I actually need to be louder to be heard, who would have thought that one?

4. You improve your skills in planning and organising

5. You create lovely memories

6. You get to invite your own friends and their kids

7. You give joy and receive a lot of it in return

8. There is always a star child, who is easy to talk to and ready to take part in activities

9. You give party bags, children adore them

10. Presents are so well thought and they always surprise me. They give me inspiration for presents and make my life easier when I have to choose.  Last year, when my son was 3 the presents opened new doors for us, puzzles and games. This year at 4, the new doors are, quite good fun, with action figures and all sorts of superheroes but I guess it is a phase…

Why I love children's birthday partiesWhat about you, is there anything in particular you enjoy when you organise a birthday party? Or when you are invited as a guest?



3 thoughts on “Why I love children’s birthday parties?

  1. I’ve only been to a few children’s parties so far. I think it is a different experience when you have a child old enough to play with others – my baby isn’t quite there yet so he just looks around and stuff. It is nice to get to chat up other moms though 🙂


  2. I love seeing Our Little Bear interacting and having fun with her friends. Nothing beats seeing them all stopping play for the party food either. Then there’s ‘happy birthday’, followed the party bag. I love it all (when I’m not organising it!) #brilliantblogposts


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