Family day at the Battersea Arts Centre – great way to discover the centre with your children, enjoy live music and free lunch (for kids)

My two boys and me went on a rather special outing on Saturday morning (27th September), at the Battersea Arts Centre. The centre holds a Family Day, on the last Saturday of every month (next ones will be on 25th October, 29th November and 27th December 2014).

The toddler was very excited as I had explained that we are going to:

“a new place where there will be toys and a play area for you to play in, live music (with real instruments and real musicians, something amazing for him!), a workshop where we will be making things (less amazing, he’s not very good at sitting still and making things…) and we can also have lunch there (“and get an orange juice or an ice-cream” ?, he didn’t wait for too long to ask).

When we got there we went straight to the Bee’s Knees, an indoor playing area that looks a bit like the Teletubies garden. My son loved the setting, the toys and the bridge, as well as playing with other children. A place to go back to again, I thought, observing him play, as I was rocking the younger baby in the sling.

As part of the workshop we also went to the Grand hall, to see the spectacular glass window, up in the ceiling in the shape of a dome. My son was rather impatient to return to the main hall, where he noticed the musicians were setting up and the instruments (a cello and 2 guitars) were out.

More activities were available to children to play with in the main hall, next to the staircase.

Then began the music, a kind of gypsy mixed tunes, which reminded me of the music of the Orpheus production we had seen last year in the same place, a beautiful cabaret style performance.

In the meantime my son was getting hungry, tired and thirsty and it was time for some food. We ordered at the bar, ‘beans on toast’ for him and ‘mushrooms on toast’ for me and with our drinks in our hands we were listening to the music in the main hall, dancing and waiting for our lunch.

His lunch was free, a nice little gesture by the centre. The only thing was that it was rather a long wait (the only criticism). My son finished his beans in no time and I took a big longer to eat my mushrooms, dropping some on the baby’s head…

We left at about 2pm, having arrived at 11am after a busy morning with music and some dancing, lunch and even a pair of cute baby slippers I bought for £1 from the clothes swap, at the centre.

All in all, a wonderful busy morning, in a lovely arts centre.

Here is my son enjoying his drink and listening to the live band performing.



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