The art of pitching – how to suggest ideas to potential markets

If you don’t ask you don’t get – How to pitch ideas for potential markets and make sure you get editors attention? By using grabbing subject lines when sending your pitch. There are more things I learnt when preparing this assignment for the London School of Journalism.

Laura's Little Things

My last assignment (nr 7) for the London School of Journalism’s “Freelance journalism” course was all about pitching and identifying potential markets for your writing. The potential markets are either related to your specialism or your passion or your local area.

When it comes to pitches:

– keep them short and sweet, only a couple of lines is enough
– be as focused as possible so that editors can see that you have a specific idea and outline in mind
– think abut your sources, the more original they are the better; busy editors or newspaper staff don’t have the time to interview people from every sector or specialism, so if you know of someone with an interesting story or are aware of some new research published but not widely known yet, pitch your idea
– quotes and interviews are what make the difference and keep the interest alive

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