Photographing people in the street, is it easy?

Do you find street photography easy or like me you feel a bit awkward when meeting the look of a stranger questioning your intentions as you are about to press the camera ‘click’? But good news, we can all get better at it by practising and asking for permission or with a look, ‘can I’? Usually people say yes and can also engage in conversations. Here is an earlier experience of mine.

Laura's Little Things

I set myself a task to get better at photographing people in the street. 

That is an area I like and I want to get better at as I like observing what people do, how they dress, how they behave and interact. But of course as fascinating it can be it is also quite difficult. What I worry the most about is people’s first reaction, whether they want their picture taken and whether they will interact with me to say ‘please delete’ or whether they will turn away. What happens most times is people turn away to avoid being photographed. So the type of images I kept shooting were ‘stolen’ images which were not very well framed, or were taken in a hurry or didn’t have any expressions in them. 

So I decided to change that and started asking people if I could take their picture. Here are some of…

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