Assisting a photography session – Carlotta Cardana’s Mod couples project

For lack of time to write new posts but also as an opportunity to share some of my older posts, I am re-bloging this post about my experience as photography assistant, which i did once with an italian photographer working on a series of photos with Mod couples. I found that I learnt a lot during that session not only about photography but a particular sub-culture, the Mods.

Laura's Little Things

I have been looking to assist photographers so that I can get some experience of the real thing, of what photographers do when they are shooting for a project or for a client.

So I have been reading the brixtonblog ( and I follow them on twitter and in one of their features they were talking about an exhibition at the Photofusion gallery, a centre for photography in Brixton. The exhibition featured four photographers all with their particular types of photography.

Photofusion SELECT/13

The one that caught my eye was the series on Mod couples from italian portrait and documentary photographer Carlotta Cardana. I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about Mod couples or the Mod sub-culture before this exhibition and actually before meeting Carlotta. There is a website about Mod culture for those interested to learn more (

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