Photographist – Photography Blog is a blog I follow and like a lot, it has the most stunning photos you can find around by professional photographers.

A few days ago the abstract colour landscapes of Franco Fontana caught my eye and they are amazing, a pure joy to the eye.

This is one of them but there is more in the link at the end of the post

Franco Fontana abstract landscape photography

Franco Fontana abstract landscape photography

I am sure I have seen a few of them around, in magazines or photography books (or other places) but I didn’t associate them with a name. Now I will remember Franco Fontana as one of my favourite photographers. He is italian, born in 1933.

Interestingly he started as an amateur but had his first exhibition 2 years after he started. He is apparently the inventor of the photographic line referred to as concept of line. I will need to look this up a bit more but for now I like thinking about the concept of line as something that cuts across distances, creates shapes and structures and defines contours. 

Below is the link to the Photographist – Photography Blog’s article and to the amazing abstract photos of Franco Fontana. 

Abstract Colour Landscapes by Franco Fontana | Photographist – Photography Blog

I wonder if there has been any editing done on them, I would say yes about one especially, the one with a thin line of red ground, amongst three other thicker lines of grass, yellow fields and clouds in a blue sky. What do you think?

I wish Franco Fontana was the reader of my blog and could see my photographs and give me some advice on how to improve. He could be the only reader of my blog for today. This is in response to the Daily Post: Singular Sensation of one reader of the blog we would like to have.