Looking for ideas and suggestions about my course assignment nr 6 – freelance journalism and feature writing

I started a course on ‘Freelance journalism and feature writing’ back in May, last year and need to complete my assignment 6, at the moment.

I am looking for some help with ideas and suggestions about two things related to the assignment:

– I need to write a column on a recent news story – the news story I was thinking to cover is a recent debate started off by the main actor featuring in the film ’12 years a slave’ Chiwetel Ejiofor, who urges schools and institutions in Britain to teach children about the history of slavery as part of the national curriculum in schools.

There has been wide coverage of the debate by many newspapers. Here is the Guardian’s: 12 Years a Slave: Ejiofor’s eyes open ours to the painful truth  and the Independent’s: 12 Years A Slave, film review: ‘Steve McQueen forces us to confront the brutality of slavery’. I feel quite strongly about the issue and the need to open up the debate although that may be painful for people living in Britain and more widely in wealthy countries that have benefitted from the slave trade. Ideally I would like to start off with a quick summary of the historical points and then debate the types of views people in Britain would have. I would like to conclude with some lines that stress the importance of not forgetting the contribution of African populations to the development of Britain and how crucial it is to give them their due recognition. Most of the articles I have read are in the form of film reviews therefore my difficulty in turning this into a column. I would love suggestions, ideas on the angle I could take to explore the issue so that it tries to generate a debate, weighs different sides of the story and ends with a strong conclusion. A bit of a dream list, I know, but it is good to try.

– The other part is about writing a travel feature. I want to write a travel feature based on our holidays in the South of France last summer, as a child friendly destination but also full of culinary delights, natural beauty with mountains and gracious river Ardeche streaming down along valleys and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and happy from canoeing, to swimming, visiting villages of character, markets, fields of lavender, caves and places of interest.

Canoeing on the Ardeche river, South of France

Canoeing on the Ardeche river, South of France

Here I need some help with ideas for a strong intro and how to maintain variety in my descriptions.

Any suggestions and comments would be welcome, to give me some focus and so my blogging friends I am turning to you, help me with some ideas.


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