IMG_6150 by laura shimili
IMG_6150, a photo by laura shimili on Flickr.

This is the last post of my “A photo a day” project, which lasted for about 28 days. I got excited by the idea and started this new project as a way of improving my photography but soon found out that it was quite time consuming and I couldn’t keep up with it. In addition to working 4 days a week, looking after my son on my day off and being busy at weekends. So this was it, my first attempt at one of these projects that some people make last for the whole year or even many years.

I like to grow flowers on the windowsills, something that comes a long way, from my grandmother and my mother.

My grandmother used to grow carnations on the balcony and I used to love their smell. It is a smell I associate with her and her presence which I miss very much.

My mother has a great passion for flowers too and she grows all sorts, begonias, lilies, daisies, cactus and even more. She is the flowers and plants master in the house.

I have taken after both of them, a passion I started developing since childhood when I had a collection of plants and flowers with a friend.

Not always able to find the time to plant new flowers especially as the seasons change and not the same plants can survive all year here in the UK, i find myself looking back at old photos of flowers. I was quite pleased with myself for this pot when I planted it in the summer. It is not in the same state now as then, and I should do something about it. Soon.

Also taking part in the Thursday challenge: Lingering Look at Windows

Windowsills flowers