Two photos for today’s post. Edward has started doing role plays, where ‘he’ reads books to the ‘smaller than him’ soft animals in his bed.

I don’t remember how he ended up in his bed all dressed up but he was there and was asking for all animals to come in his bed. We put them all in and then he asked for the books and started looking at the books and reading them out to the animals.

‘Animals’ he said, ‘look, books’. He was pretending to say the exact words of all the pictures in the book but was producing various sounds rather then clear words.

It was so funny, I was looking at him and laughing with tears. Roger had the brilliant idea of lining up the animals in a row, like in a classroom. So I captured this funny moment and am sharing it here. Looking at the pictures I realized that he has got the books upside down as well, in the first photo ūüôā

What about you, any similar experiences with your children?