Getting lost at Macy’s NYC

Macy's in New York by laura shimili
Macy’s in New York, a photo by laura shimili on Flickr.

During our one week stay in new York with my friend Sandra we paid the obligatory visit to Macy’s, the great department store. We went there in the second half of our week in New York, after having accumulated many miles of walking and visiting places.

I was particularly affected by the ‘extenuating tourist rhythm’ whereas my friend, a real ‘warrior’ still had a lot of steam. We were looking at the shoes department in Macy’s and said to each other let’s meet in front of this shoes stall in 30 minutes.

I didn’t go very far, just to another stall opposite and waited for longer than half an hour after the first half and hour had expired. I was looking around and started thinking that my friend had either left Macy’s altogether or something incomprehensible had happened.

As it turned out my friend was waiting a few stalls away from me and was thinking the same. We were also getting quite cross with each other and when we finally got a glimpse of each other we started laughing.

We had been waiting so close but were not able to see each other for almost an hour.

Daily prompt theme: Close


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