Childhood moments in bright sunshine

We all have vivid memories from childhood which although lack in detail, bring back memories of happiness and love. Such memories are unique events that will not be repeated and come from a time gone by.

For me memories of childhood are often bathed in bright sunshine, warmth and a feeling of security. Being a child is such special time in a lifetime, where you discover the world whilst having fun and not worrying about mundane things (such as paying the bills, having a job, being successful, finding love, etc). Being a child is being oblivious of what is wrong in the world.

This image of my son, reminds me of my happy childhood moments, bathed in that same sunshine of childhood happiness. I hope he remembers this as a happy afternoon, when he was on holiday in Albania and he woke up after his nap, (exceptionally) had a chocolate (some of it is still on his lips) and then went with his ‘gjyshi’ (grandfather) to pick up the apples that have been growing for the past year outside in the garden. If he doesn’t remember I will use ‘adult methods’ and will print the photo and talk to him about it. Often stories we remember from an early age are stories we have been told by others while looking at a photo. Adult tricks 🙂

Day 23 from a photo a day also my answer to the Daily Post theme: Love



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