15th century Albanian church in Kepi i Rodonit

Day 22 from a photo a day.

This is the church of Shen Ndreu (St Antony according to google) in Kepi i Rodonit in Albania. This is near the city of Lezha and not very far from Durres. The church is from the 14-15th century and because it was given prominence during the reign of Skenderbeg, the Albanian national hero, it is related to his name. People call it the church of Skenderbeg in St Mary’s monastery. The church is a place of faith still used today, particularly on 13 June where peregrines come from all around Albania and neighbouring countries. It is believed to be a sacred place.

This is an area that is very local, out of the beaten path and the surrounding villages and natural resources have remained unspoilt from buildings, cafes, quarries and other signs of ‘development’. Long may this last.

Also people’s language here is strong and it has its own accent.



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