Day 20 – a different view of St Ives Cornwall

Here is an alley and not a room with a view over the sea in St Ives, Cornwall. I like this image as its quite simple, it is framed by walls on both sides and the sky and the alley in the other two. The colour of they sea is peaceful and the view of a ship in the middle invites one on dreams of voyage. It is a shame for the black sign that is lying against the fence, I should have removed it when I took the shot. But then it is a sign of human activity, a pub sign that invites to more revery.



Thinking about the Daily Post’s theme today ‘Non-Regional Diction’ or ‘Local’ I will link to this image as this is a very local corner of South West England, in Cornwall and the image does not show the typical view of St Ives, the harbor, the promenade etc.

Do you agree?


6 thoughts on “Day 20 – a different view of St Ives Cornwall

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