Albanian brass band plays in London

After the Romani and Serbian folk comes the Albanian folk, in a unique fusion with modern electronic beats, that produces a new genre of Balkan music.

The two bands at the heart of this unique collaboration the Albanian Fanfara Tirana and the London based Transglobal Underground, have launched a new album ‘Kabatronics’ and are on a European tour to promote their music. These bands bring new breath into the ‘Balkan music’ genre popularized by Serbian musician Goran Bregovitch and film director Emir Kusturica and take it to new heights.

After taking part at the Cardiff World Music festival, the biggest in its genre, they were on show in London where they electrified the audience.

Their music, organically mixes the sounds of the Albanian kaba (tuba) and clarinets, percussion, electric guitar and sitar. On top of that two musicians who would have nothing in common, sing with their very own different styles: the Albanian old master of music ‘Hysni Zela’ and London based ‘Tuup’, complimenting the former’s lyrical singing with his own deep voice and ‘talking’ style.

This ‘marriage from heaven’ has been made possible through music manager, Olsi Sulejmani, founder of World Music Management agency based in Italy.

If you missed the concert you can always buy the album

Or check out videos

It is explosive!

Here is an article I wrote for an Albanian newspaper Mapo, but it is in Albanian.

‘Djemtë’ e Fanfara Tirana, me muzikë kaba në Londër





3 thoughts on “Albanian brass band plays in London

    • It is amazing and unique blend, and both voices marry so well together although so different. Even in character, lifestyle and cultural backgrounds… But music is a universal language, non? Happy you enjoyed and thanks for reblogging :))


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