Day 4 – Red sky over the Ionian Sea, South of Albania

Red sky over the Ionian sea, from small village of Palase, South of Albania

Day four of the ‘A photo a day’ challenge. I took this photo in September from the small village of Palase, where my mother’s family comes from, in the South of Albania while on holiday with Edward and Roger and my parents. This was after a stormy afternoon, which can be very impressive in this part of the world, with houses built on the side of the mountain but still only 15 minutes away from the coast. From the balcony of my parents house we could see the lightning on the sea, hear the thunderstorm echo over a chain of mountains above us and see the rain approaching from the sea over the land. Great display of the force of nature !

But the storm didn’t last for very long and as soon as the front of rain passed over the mountains, the sky cleared and we had a beautiful sunset.

This is the story, now for the image, I chose this one, for the warm light, red reflections on the clouds, the branches of the olive trees blown by the wind, and the use of the rule of thirds, one third for the sea and two thirds for the sky.

What do you think?

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