This is the first photo in a new project I am starting – one photo a day or otherwise known as 365 project. The reason I am publishing this photo, is for the lines and reflections of people and their movement and the environment around them, stairs, the road, cars and buildings. I feel the photo gives an instant feel of busyness of life and the fact that these people are taking some time to go to a museum, an important place, for our artistic and spiritual education.

The idea of a photo a day project, is self-explanatory, posting a photo every day of the year. Those that have done such projects say they are good as they help with training your eye as an attentive photographer. You also have that awareness that you need to think of a photo to post and it makes your brain be more creative and productive.

For me, this is all inspiring and that is why I am starting one of these projects. Another reason is the lack of time around writing posts, so I can at least commit to posting photos everyday. I will still write blogs but they will be around once a week.