I took this photo of children paying in the sea, in a beach in Devon, in the South West of England. It was a warm-ish Sunday afternoon at the end of August and these children were wearing their wet-suits and playing around with their surfs.

I love the fact that British people and their children are always doing something, an activity even when it is their relaxing time ūüôā

The waters are not very inviting (to actually go for a swim) as quite cold but make for a beautiful sight. I love the clouds in Britain as they are always around and the different shapes they create are fascinating.

Children playing on a beach, in Jale (pronounced yal), South of Albania not far from the town of Himara. As you can see it is quite different. I took this image in the beginning of September, while on holiday in Albania with Roger and Edward and my parents.

The children don’t need wet-suits and they are not playing with surfs. Generally speaking activities are more simple and people really relax, i.e. lay on their sun beds for long periods of time, reading a book, magazines or just watching the sea.

The sea is more inviting and in fact you feel the urge, to go for a swim to cool off, from temperatures above 30 degrees.

It is difficult to take a picture of the sea in Albania because of the strong sun. So often I shoot parts of the sea with a strip of the beach or the sea itself or a view from above. Like this one I took from the peak of Llogara mountain, the mountain that separates the Ionian Sea from the Adriatic sea. That mountain is also the symbolic start of the southern beaches, which are nicer and have more character than those on the Adriatic.

I don’t have a favorite sea between that in Britain and in Albania, I like both and I am lucky enough to be able to visit them regularly.

What about you, any favourites?