Little explorer and future photographer? Here is my son playing with the tripod, an afternoon in the field outside his grandparents house.

We had been collecting blackberries (why didn’t I think to take pictures???) and this was a moment of stopping and playing on the grass.

‘I think I know what to do with this gadget’, he is thinking…

He is looking in my direction here, but thinking again mami, another photograph???

Edward and Skomer, one of his favourite friends in the world. He loves seeing the dog and being chased around by him. Here he is busy looking at the ‘roller’ toy car, he was playing with all afternoon.

Happy moments.

This was during the August bank holiday, in Yealmpton, Devon. The weather had been pretty good all weekend, with sunny spells and warm.

The sky this particular afternoon was overcast and I understand now, the truth of photographers’ advice that the light on a day like this, is the best for portraits. The reason being that the light is diffuse, is not coming from one particular direction and is not creating any shadows on people’s faces.

It takes a while to be convinced about something, until you have experienced it yourself! At least in my case ūüôā