Have you ever got up early in the morning with a desire to capture the beautiful morning light?

It has been on my mind many times, but very often my bed has been sweeter than anything else. I have especially wanted to do that in the countryside, outside of our urban living zone. So when we go down to Roger’s parents, in Devon, that’s the perfect opportunity.

And so one morning I set off, got out of the house at 6, is that early enough?

This is what I got.

Wheat field in the morning, and hill in the background. I used a large aperture value (f4) to have a line amongst the wheat in focus and the background looking blurred. I kept the same style for all the following photos as I wanted to experiment with the depth of field and the effects of the light and the trees on the top of the hill, in the background.

The sun making an appearance from behind the clouds.

Separating lines in wheat field with hilltop in the background. I have applied a ‘drama’ filter to this image, using snapseed.

It was a little hard making the effort of getting out so early, but once out I enjoyed it, being in the field on my own, looking at the sky and waiting for the light to appear from behind the clouds. The sun had been out before me but the sky was overcast and so intermittently there would be bursts of sunlight.

I won’t tell you about the rest of the day, looking after a toddler and being busy until sleeping time. But Roger was there and parents in law too, so it wasn’t too bad.

5 am next time? While on holiday or weekend way? That will be my next challenge.