Going back home

Time came to go back home and leave the lovely Vallon Pont D’Arc behind. We left early in the morning and I took a few shots with the lovely morning light.

Vallon Pont D’Arc in the distance

Vineyard on the cotes of the Ardeche

Lac d’Orient, near Troy.

We strategically decided to stop on the way from Ardeche to Reims, at this man-made lake. It turned out to be a very good decision, as we had a simple lunch there and went for a swim and a play before hitting the road again.


Lac d’Orient, near Troy










We finally arrived at Reims at around 6pm, having left Vallon Pont D’arc before 7am, after a quick stop near Macon and a longer stop at the Orient lake. We had time and some energy left to visit Reims, the cathedral and the city centre and have some crepes for dinner. Although in the Champagne region we didn’t have any, all we could tolerate after a long drive was cidre!


Reims cathedral


























The final shot of this trip, a little tribute to beautiful France.