Night time photography fun

During the week in Vallon Pont D’Arc we had time to experiment with night-time photography, using the tripod.

Painting with light

We used a torch and long exposure on the camera, in manual mode and tried painting with the light.

One of my rare appearances on the blog. I wanted to try the effect of the light behind the subject and we all had a go, my friends Sandra and Jeremie, me and Roger. This was also done with long exposure using the tripod.

This was done with long exposure too, with us moving in the foreground getting ready to eat our pork chops with mushrooms and creme fraiche.

More painting with light

Villages of character

We discovered that around Vallon Pont D’Arc there were a number of ‘villages of character’ after we went to visit the ‘Office du tourisme’ and we saw them on the map, quite close by.


Balazuc was impressive, a beautiful village that looked like a painting. The view from above was breathtaking overlooking the Ardeche river and the numerous canoes.


Labaume had less impressive scenery but the beach was beautiful and nicely located between some high rocks and the village.

After a refreshing swim, we stopped for ice-cream and then went walking through some narrow paved paths in between stone houses.


The village square where the old men are playing petanque.