The lavender museum

So the third day of our week in Ardeche, we went to visit the museum of lavender with my friend only and the children. The boys went canoeing, everyone was happy with their choices!

Having the children with us proved a little tricky, but we had the right ‘amunitions’ snacks.

The visit was a guided tour with a ‘lavendicultrice’ explaining the various processes of cultivating, harvesting and processing lavender. We learnt that lavender was the main industry in the Ardeche region in the 50s. That was pretty impressive, that a whole region makes a living out of one plant. Maybe we should grow lavender in Albania?

Stacks of dry lavender waiting to be processed. The tour was a little too technical especially for me after Edward lost his patience and all he wanted to do, was to walk everywhere.

But I managed to hear that we were lucky that there was lavender in the fields outside as it was time to harvest the aromatic flowers. Had we come 2 days later we would have missed the purple bloom.

Once Edward decided that it was time to walk I left the group and started discovering the outside area. And trying to take pictures while looking after him at the same time. The window was limited but I managed to take a few snaps.

I managed to convince him to go into the field and I tried taking photos of him there. I had this image in my head of a happy toddler running in the lavender fields. But the toddler in question is not the type that does what you want, rather the opposite. And so I didn’t have one photo where he smiles or looks at me. Second his clothes were not the best matching in color with the surroundings.

Lesson , be better prepared next time.

Visiting Avignon

Avignon was only 1 hour and a half away from Vallon Pont D’Arc so we wanted to visit visit it while there. Although the best would have been to go there for the theatre festival period which is an established tradition and invites plays everywhere in the town. That period was past, it is in early July and also our holiday was of a different type. You cannot do all possible things at one time.

So we visited the palace of the popes, in a hot day but a lovely park was within the enclosure where of course Edward was happy to spend so e time. Ad this time I had a wider opportunity for photos.

This is they famous Pont d’Avignon which has lost apart of it during the years but it still intact in the remaining parts.

A view of the roof tops of the city from the Palais des Papes.

Street entertainment.

Pedestrian roads inside the city.

Pedestrian roadsin Avignon