I have used this image before in a previous post but this time it is to share some exciting news.

The image was published in the August issue of Photography monthly, a magazine and website, for those with a passion for photography.

Sailing race in the Yealm, Devon

Sailing race in the Yealm, Devon

Of course I was very pleased to see it in the magazine, after anxiously skimming through the pages to check that it was there. I uploaded it, in the readers’ gallery online and sent a tweet to the magazine, to ‘notify’ them.

As it happened, they were looking for boats and sailing photos and quite soon after, sent me an email, to say they might consider the image for the printed edition. Of course they wouldn’t be able to pay me, just being there in print, is itself the award.

Needles to say I was excited by the email and went on to make sure the image could satisfy the requirements, namely it being 300dpi. This is a print requirement that has to do with the quality and pixels of the image.

Not having a photo editing software, other than iPhoto, I couldn’t save the image with the right dpi. So thanks to a friend photographer, Michael Shilling, who’s been involved in our photo-club, who turned the image into right dpi, I was able to send it back to the magazine.

So this was a bit of a learning experience, regarding the print requirements and also something to post on Facebook, or tell relatives about 😉

And of course, share it in the blog.

I know it’s Monday but be brave and grateful 😉 nevertheless.