I discovered Deal, in Kent recently, a characteristic English coastal town. We were there for a weekend with friends and enjoyed going on the beach and eating fish and chips for lunch.

At the market on Saturday morning.

A baby in an old fashioned pushchair that seemed too big for it but also that it was on display for people to take photographs off!

Amongst all other antique pieces there was a horse’s head waiting for a buyer.

The children loved it of course playing with sand and filling their buckets with pebbles. A ‘happy cat’.

I  read a review of beaches on the Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/jul/09/best-quiet-beaches-uk) with a picture of Walmer beach which is a long stretch that includes the beach of Deal. I liked the picture in the review which is below.

Walmer beach, Kent

Photograph: nickellis74/Flickr


And my version.

I took these photos with my Canon 550D and my friends wide lens Canon 17-40mm.

Only 2 hours away from London, Deal, seemed a very convenient and enjoyable place to go for a weekend. ‘We have a deal’ said R when I told him that we’re going to Deal ;-). Cottages4you found us the lovely ‘Guinea Cottage’ and they did a great job as it was quite last minute (although their booking fee was a bit pricey!)

Guniea Cottage, Deal

Guniea Cottage, Deal