The power of music – how ‘Bright Eyes’ (the band) music brightens my mornings (and photos as usual)

Some mornings I feel more stressed than others especially when I’m running late, and think about the list of things waiting to be done over the course of the day. The day is just starting and I haven’t woken up properly, nor have I had some proper rest for the past errr two (months) weeks but hey, here it goes again for another day.

As I drop my son at the childminder and start walking down to Brixton tube I feel down. Not even the sunshine will lift me up. What I feel is tiredness, lack of energy and motivation. I’m not ready to face the day.

But then I have this brilliant idea ‘what about listening to some music’? I have done it before and it seems to work, it lifts me up. Even for that that I feel too lazy but I force myself as I know it’ll be good. So I look at the list of songs and think what should I listen to? Hmmm Bright Eyes, I really like them and listening to their music always brings back memories. And it often inspires me about writing ideas.

So I choose their ‘I’m wide awake, it’s morning’ album as it fully resonates (not) with how I’m feeling (for me it should ‘I’m wide asleep, can you come back later?’) and start listening.

The first song ‘At the bottom of everything’ is a great song, although a little unusual as it talks about a plane crashing over the biggest ocean on planet earth and a girl asking a man sitting next to her ‘where are we going’ to which he responds ‘we’re going to a birthday party, darling, it’s your birthday party!’. This exchange only is enough to grab my attention (for the hundredth time) and make me realise how lucky I am that I am not falling over an ocean from a crashing plane (or some similar disasters).

A beautiful melody bursts out after that initial monologue that fills me up with notes and rhythm, all over my body. And it gives the falling plane in my imagination enough power to reverse the fall and start flying up again to a beautiful destination where all passengers meet their loved ones and are happy again.

After that first song I start enjoying my walk despite the tiredness, feel positive about my condition despite the lack of motivation and realise (for the hundredth time) how lucky I am. And as the music plays in my ears I start having (for the hundredth time too) that feeling of compassion and love towards other people that have their own lives and inner worlds just like me.


Feeling low and gloomy. Field of grass in Norfolk.


Feeling ‘brighter’. Rape seed field in Norfolk.

So in a matter of half an hour and thanks to Bright Eyes’ beautifully crafted music and lyrics that have a pacifying and energizing effect on me, the world has become a better place. Now I am wide awake and it’s morning!

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