Hold on, it's a scorcher and it is in the UK, not Albania (with some photos)

We have had hot weather in London for a long time now, a full week. This is so rare that people are struggling to believe it.

‘I won’t complain about it’, said my childminder this morning who resorted to stripping my son off his t-shirt yesterday at one of the usual 1’o’clock clubs.

What is so rare is its continuity for longer than a couple of days, after which usually we would have rain or much cooler temperatures.

So in the last two mornings I haven’t had to worry a lot about what to wear that is different and has an extra layer than the day before. All I have needed were a skirt, a top and sandals.

This uncommon situation has brought back memories of being in Albania where you can quite easily predict what the weather will be like for the next four months following May, hot! The change in your clothes is significant and you shift your winter clothes away and fill your active drawers with your summery stuff.

I did the same this weekend as a reminiscence of an old habit but wonder how long this will last for?

Taking photographs in the sun can be tricky if only for the reduced ability you have to check the results, in bright sunlight. But I like seeing that strong light in photographs, it echoes with hot temperatures and memories of bathing in the warmth of the sun.

A few recent photographs from a hot weekend in Devon, followed by the typical return to gloomy weather afterwards.

But the rule has changed since, at least for the past week!

Boats racing in the River Yealm

Teddy on the boat

Beautiful summery bloom

Little man and his best pal (after teddy we agree).

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